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April 8, 2012
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Republic City: Mellie (Updated) by Psyoren Republic City: Mellie (Updated) by Psyoren

Name: Mellie
Age: 18
Birthday: April 27th
Height= 5'3"-5'4"ish (sorry, I sort of drew her looking taller this time OTL)
Nationality: Ba Sing Se
Affinity: Air
Profession: Construction worker - works with Tu ([link])
Relationship status: Dating Moki ([link]) Psy water u doing this isn’t Facebook adlfk


:bulletgreen: Construction: Mellie is and has always been fascinated by architecture. Because of this, she takes the time to study how buildings are constructed and how they can be improved with the use of bending. She has a sharp mind and can easily understand the connection between reason and function.

:bulletgreen: Earthbending: Even though Mellie doesn’t go out of her way to find trouble, she will fight if she feels threatened or sees somebody in danger. She loves to use her earthbending whenever she can--even for little deeds like reaching the jar of cookies hidden on the top shelf. She's creative with her ability, and spends a lot of time experimenting with different kinds of earth. However, she is unable to metalbend and has little interest in learning it.

:bulletgreen: Sketching: Mellie is quite the artist, always sketching her ideas for new buildings or great monuments down. However, she's not exactly the cleanest person, and doesn't take the time to organize her drawings. They're often drawn on napkins or scraps of paper with whatever materials are available. She pins them all over the walls of her apartment or shoves them in between the pages of her tattered journal, something she always carries with her.


:bulletgreen: PROS- Outgoing : Pragmatic : Persistent : Optimistic : Brave : Inventive
:bulletgreen: CONS- Stubborn : Gets involved : Likes to show off : Naive : Impulsive : Can be a bit of a troll

Mellie is normally a fun, loyal and outgoing girl. Always quick to laugh and make a joke, she may come off as a bit lazy but she's actually very focused, determined to become a great architect. She can be very stubborn when something stands in her way and is willing to go behind the backs of authoritative figures if it means accomplishing her goal. However, as determined as she is, she's not terribly clever when it comes to schemes and she's often caught by those she's trying to work around. When she moves to Republic City, she's disturbed by the amount of crime in the streets and quickly develops a bit of a hero complex, intervening in dangerous situations if another citizen is in trouble. She can be a bit of a troll when she hangs out with her boss, Tu, or Riza, who is like a big sister to her.

RP Sample:

Another day, another rejection. Mellie sighed and kicked the curb, wondering how anybody was supposed to get a job in this town if no one was willing to hire. She had tried four construction companies in the last week; no one wanted a seventeen-year-old earth bender fresh from Ba Sing Se, no matter how much experience she had. They didn’t care that she’d spend the last three years working under apprenticeship with the city’s Terra Team, bending repairs to the monorail and outer walls. To them, anybody out of town was green and not worth their time.

Hands in her pockets, she dragged her feet through town until she reached the Light as Air tea shop, named in honor of the late Avatar Aang. Pinwheels decorated the shop front, twirling in the light breeze. For the last seven days, she’d come here to relax and nurse her pride over a cup of oolong. The shop bell chimed and the owner, a sweet old woman appropriately named Tee, nodded to her. Mellie waved and found a seat in the corner of the room.

On the other side of the shop, one of the customers turned on the radio, rolling the channel to Pro Bending. “Three…two…one…and here's the start of the next match! Fire Ferrets are off to a good start thanks to Bolin…OOH, AND THE AVATAR USES HER WATERBENDING TO TAKE OUT TWO--YOU HEARD ME FOLKS--NOT ONE, BUT TWO OF THE OPPOSING TEAM MEMBERS! Looks like this is going to be a short match...”

Additional Info:

History/Family Related
:bulletgreen: An only child, Mellie was born and raised in Ba Sing Se. Both her parents are earthbenders, but spend very little time actually bending. In fact, before she moved, they spent very little time with her at all.
:bulletgreen: Her father owns a chain of relatively successful banks which keep him (and her mother) busy and distant. As a result, she grew up in the care of a nanny who loved her like her own grandchild, encouraging her passion and taking her to earth bending classes.
:bulletgreen: The fact that Mellie loves bending has always put her at odds with her parents; they hoped she’d outgrow her childhood obsession with architecture and began to resent her when they finally realized that she never would. Before leaving, Mellie got into a huge fight with her father, which she responded to by running off to live in Republic City. She hasn’t spoken to them in nearly a year. How’s that for a temper tantrum *shot*
:bulletgreen: Before coming to Republic City, she spent three years working as an apprentice to the city’s Terra Team, repairing and maintaining the monorails and Outer Walls.
:bulletgreen: Upon arriving in Republic City, Mellie rents a cheap, sketchy apartment close to the red light district slums of RC. That's where she lived until she moved in with Tu.

:bulletgreen: Mellie's dream is to design and construct great monuments like the Avatar Aang statue in Yue Bay.
:bulletgreen: Despite the fact that several people have tried to teach her, she can’t swim. As far as she’s concerned, large bodies of water are just as evil as Amon.
:bulletgreen: She hates most forms of transportation (specifically boats), cold weather, seafood (anything that comes from the ocean is just evil), and tight shoes.
:bulletgreen: She has a burn mark that covers most of her right hip, a scar she received from a couple of fire bending bullies when she was a kid.
:bulletgreen: The coin tied to her waist is sort of like a good luck charm. Her nanny's son (a well respected architect and metal bender in Omashu) bent it as a present for her fifth birthday. He was the one who inspired her to study architecture.

Important Relationships

For a list of important relationships: (coming soon)
For her wardrobe: (coming soon)
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